Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Rawr ...... Im a Dinosaur

As Jurassic World fever hits the cinema, I decided to review some of my favourite Dinosaur inspired fashion!
On my way to the cinema to watch Jurassic World

I love dinosaurs, my favourite of all of my dresses is my Jurassic Park one. I made this from a pair of Jurassic Park curtains from the original film in 1994. Luckily they were in an excellent condition, although now I've won the dress to death as I love it so much! I'm on the hint for more curtains, although they're like gold-dust!

Here are some other dinosaur inspired things which I completely adore!!!! ..........................

These shoes are literally the most amazing shoes I have ever seen, they are by Zombie Peepshow and available on Etsy, get them here

Match them with these fab tights from ASOS

and this dress, also from ASOS via Lashes of London

Love this!!! Its from Tatty Devine

This dress is perfect for the summer from Etsy

These earrings are from Dinosaurs For Tea

and there is a necklace as well

Ok, so I may have just ordered this!!!!! Its only £25 from Rommy De Bommy on Etsy

So much fabulous dinosaur-ness is around at the moment!!! I love it all!


Alison xx

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